1. #Sisfor #selfie obviously πŸ’#fmsphotoaday

  2. #Risfor Rufus, also known as bunny dog

  3. #Qisfor #queen

  4. little brother pumpkin carving!

  6. only because yo daddy don’t have instagram. I’m his #wce 😏 go head. ask him.

  7. #Nisfor new sheets and new comforter! 😁🐭 same ol me. kingπŸ’© #fmsphotoaday

  8. door:


    Designer Goula Figeura’s Orwell day bed lets you easily shut yourself off from the outside world with its light and noise-cancelling curtains.

    yes, I would like this migraine cave thank you

    oh please oh please oh please. want v much.

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  9. same

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  10. black-culture:

    Oct 22 National Day of Action Against Police Brutality

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