3. missinglinc:

    relationship status: slept with laundry I was too lazy to fold

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  4. neal1669:

    I wish I lived near her

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  5. me: I’m just scared of losing you.

    him: but don’t you believe me when I say I love you?

    and then I felt every cell in my body stop in it’s place for a split second. frozen in the warm embrace of falling fast. all too familiar but hopefully different this time.

    hello, excuse me. whose life is this? it could not possibly be mine.

  6. look at this fucking thot #thotcrushthursday MEEEEEOW love you bae 😍😍😂

  7. 💯💯💯

  8. mellahugbear:

    dem shoes *0*

    Christmas List:
    1] these shoes

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  9. bae😍


  10. BREAKING: September 9th will be officially an entire month since the murder of Ferguson African-American unarmed teenage Michael Brown, at the hands of racist Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. In this entire month, Officer Darren Wilson hasn’t been heard from, he has literally disappeared. He still has not been arrested, charged, or indicted in the murder of Michael Brown.